Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild


Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild


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Although every Tenga Item comes with lubricant, it is good to have an extra bottle. You just can't have enough! Tenga Hole Lotion Mild: Wrap yourself in a gentle touch. Let it envelope you in warmth and kindness. Tenga Hole Lotion Mild is a watery liquid. It is long lasting and easy to wash off. It is crystal clear and easy to use with a long nozzle!

This is an extraordinary water based lubricant the is designed to extend the life of your Tenga Products. It's specially formulated to work with Tenga products such as the Tenga Flip Hole. Packaged in modern, discrete 170ml vials. Mild for Tender Sensation.

Tenga Lotion Questions & Answers

What are the differences in the Red, White and Black lotions?

  • White (MILD) is a thick lotion that delivers a softly wrapped feeling.
  • Red (REAL) hold a sense of moisture like the real thing.
  • Black (WILD) a lotion consisting of menthol to produce a refreshing experience.

Can the Tenga Hole Lotionss be used as a lubricant during sexual intercourse?

Our lotions are made with precautions not to cause harm to the body so please feel free to use them during intercourse. However, if you notice any discomfort, please stop use immediately and seek medical attention.

Is it OK to put in my mouth?

Our lubricants are manufactured from ingredients that are not harmful to the body. There should be no problems in injesting the product. However, if irritation occurs, stop use immediately and consult a doctor.

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Product Details

  • Made By: Tenga
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Total Length: 7.00 in.
  • WidthMaximum: 1.75 in.
  • Weight (no box): 0.4880 lbs.
  • Box Dimensions: Product is not in any packaging or box.
  • Manufacturer Code: TLH001


Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol and Paraben (allergy tested in Japan).

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Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild $17.95
Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild $17.95
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